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"Welcome to Germany - good things to know!"

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07.05.2024 - 31.12.2024


Info Session "Welcome to Germany - good things to know!"

We are pleased to present you the online lecture (webinar) for free.

We would like to provide you with helpful information to make your start in Germany as easy as possible.

Questions like...

• What is the Social insurance system in Germany and what do I have to pay?

• Salary Statement - what is the difference between my Gross Salary and my Net Salary?

• What can I actually do with my insurance card in Germany and what is covered?

• How to find a doctor in Germany?

…will be answered.

Of course you will have the opportunity to ask your individual questions.

The info session will take place via MS Teams.


Important: After your registration you will receive an email with a confirmation button. Please be sure to confirm your registration by clicking on the button, otherwise we will not be able to admit you to the webinar. After your confirmed registration you will receive the link to the webinar via email.

Nähere Informationen zum Webinar-Link finden Sie in der Buchungsbestätigung Ihrer Anmeldung.

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